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Navman eseries GPS adapter for laptop computers

By Rebecca Blain

The navman eseries GPS system is an adapter that is attached to a PC through a USB port.

The device contains a GPS receiver that contacts satellites to track your position and relays that information to your computer, where you can access a wide range of information to help you reach your destination.

When coupled with a computer, this system has as much power as standard GPS receivers, if not more. By allowing the computer to do the majority of the work, the GPS receivers used in the eseries can have much more power and accuracy than a standard handheld GPS system. This is highly beneficial, especially for those who need in depth and comprehensive data relating to the area that they are currently in.

For the most part, these systems are not suitable for the average individual that wants something to go everywhere they go. However, these systems are excellent for the professional that needs highly accurate data on an area, such as a surveyor, geologist or other type of scientist. Large ships and water-based vehicles can benefit from this type of system as well, as they can get data on the nearby areas without much effort.

The navman eseries GPS system is more advanced than many other systems of the same nature. By delegating the task of computing the information to maps and other useful data, the GPS unit is more capable of communicating with satellites to render the correct location of the device.

However, as the speed of the computations is then based on the speed of your computer, the speed of the device will vary between laptops and how well your current computer system is maintained. This 'disadvantage' also allows you to speed the process up by permitting upgrades to the actual laptop. This allows the system to be highly versatile, unlike many other handheld GPS systems.

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